High Tech Zoomer Dog Robot: Impressive and User Friendly

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Who could resist a puppy or kitten in the house? Unless you are cold-hearted or animals phobia and easily gets allergic reactions from them; having pets in the house is like adopting a new family member. The only problems (read: consequences) in adopting animal pets in the house is the big responsibility that follows it.

zoomer big dog robot 300x181 High Tech Zoomer Dog Robot: Impressive and User FriendlyMany families, though, take advantage of this situation to train kids to take part in the pets caring and wellbeing. However, if there is another option that can be much easier and practical, why not? Zoomer the robot dog can turn to be the friendliest, never demanding family best friend. Before even getting it fully recharged, the whole family will instantly adore it.

Most of zoomer robot dog review from the customers highlights the fact that this robot has won everybody’s heart with its brilliance and very alive attitudes. While robot is a robot, the dog robot is designed using high technology that makes it move, play and responds like a real puppy.

This is of course something that deserves a real appreciation since the technology applied has been well thought, designed and tested. For a toy, this is really an awesome product. It will instantly solve various problems in the house when kids are whining and bragging about having a puppy. Parents just need to invest once, and the happiness will belong to the whole family.

Watch this amazing video of Zoomer robot dog abilities

Product Descriptions

How can it be described? There is only one word that suits this product. The zoomer robot dog amazon has been promoting is a perfect pet. Sure that it does not breathe but the way it barks, moves, does various tricks is just like a living puppy. The product is also suitable for pretty much everyone older than three years old, although the manufacturer recommends users to be at least five years old. Below are further details on the dog robot:

  • a funny, full of energy, playful, smart robot dog that understands three languages of instructions in English, French and Spanish. This is perfect for multicultural families or families that support various languages learning at home. If the family only speaks one out of the three languages it is also totally fine!
  • owners are expected to know a bit about technology, at least how to download iOS operating system or applications of Androids in order to get all needed information on how to train the dog.
  • basic abilities of the robot dog include playing dead, roll over and laying down. Other skills can be trained even in a more advanced one, like shaking a paw and standing up on two feet, for instance.
  • the robot dog is able to perform natural movement like living dog such as wagging the tail, responding to head tapping and belly scratch

zoomer dog robot package 300x300 High Tech Zoomer Dog Robot: Impressive and User FriendlySpecifications of Zoomer

What are further specifications of the robot dog?

  • recommended users age by the manufacturer is 5 years old
  • zoomer robot dog commands and instructions guides are available in the box that help owners teaching new tricks
  • in a package, owners will get 1 robot, guides for instructions and reference as well as 1 charging cable in USB
  • dimensions of the product: 8 x 11 x 9 inches
  • dimensions of the box packaging are 20.3 x 27.9 x 22.9 centimeters
  • zoomer robot dog weight is light, only one pound
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